Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tinges of Soul

Here are some tracks with definite soul/blues/R&B vibes, but expressed in very understated fashion. I would not hazard to call these artists "soul" artists, as each of them cherry-picks and blends multiple musical influences silkily together. However, there are tinges of soul imbued in their work, and what gorgeous tinges they are. These four selections are downplayed and smooth, with very minimal “band” sounds about them. Just vocals, maybe some bass or piano, and very balanced drums carry the songs lightly and completely. Sparse, simple, subtle, nuanced--lovely on all fronts. Hope they relax you a bit.

Amy Winehouse--Despite her tabloid exploits, I hope she resurfaces soon and doesn't abandon her voice. She has fantastic range and isn't shy about jazzing up, or bluesing down, her unique music.

Norah Jones--What a smoky-smooth lounge voice. Very sexy, powerfully shy, and under amazing control. Her lyrics always impress, as well. I hope she sings forever.

Sara Bareilles--Her first album was wonderful. Though most of her songs are more boisterous than this, she can be downright goosebump-inducing. "Gravity" is another great track, but that's a little too loud for this post (go find it later).

Röyksopp--This Norwegian group is known for its electronic/techno grooves but, like the artists above, incorporates multiple genre sounds to create tracks that skirt basic labeling. "Sparks" is feather-down soft; a perfect closer.

--The Last Moslow


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