Sunday, June 26, 2011

Re: Website Update

Sorry for the constantly changing design for the website. I keep finding templates to use for blogger--sometimes I think I should just use wordpress--and by the time I've happily started building this foxy website, some line of HTML becomes incompatible and instead of going through everything, I just decide to start over with a new template. I think I'd learn, but sadly no.

New news... new news... oh yes! New SoundCloud profile was easiest for uploading music. No really, it is. Free profile only gives you two hours of music, but I mix about 15 minutes of music a week, so I figure if I keep it cycling I can get all the music uploads I could ever need. That means you, the listener, either has to find a way to download all that music--again I apologize for the huge file sizes for all the music, Torq only wants to record in giant quality .wav files and I don't feel like converting them to anything less just to put it online to listen to-- or just ask for the songs and I'll send them to you in a way that's best for you.
Profile at Minimal FoX's SoundCloud.

On that same note, I'm trying out Torq 2.0.1 . Sadly, at the moment, I don't entirely recommend it. I think Tracktor pulls off the software you'd be looking for for a four turntable computer set-up. But, I still recommend Torq 1.5 for any 2 turntable software needs. I love it very much in comparison to most of the others out there, and it's served many a good live performance for me. This is just a short version of an indepth review I could give.

Still looking for new writers. It doesn't pay, but you'll get your ideas out there. Send in a sample and maybe we'll hire you. If we can get this successfully off the ground, then we'll talk salary, but for now, GSSE feels like keeping this free.

As for fans still reading, I'll try keeping a decent sleep schedule one day and it'll lead to a decent updating schedule. I have quite a few new amazing artists to share with everybody, and some groundbreaking music as well, as well as a earth-shattering studio--GSSE of course--to talk more about as well.

We have a new logo once again, thanks to one of our writers : Igloo. Please tell him thank you very, very, very much!

So, as a thank you, here's one of my most favorite chip-tone tracks:

-Minimal FoX <3's You All


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