Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Old Actress Finds New Talent


     Claim to fame and quoted as, "... wanting to take that damn [Crazy] Frog off the charts...," Stephen Coates, (The Clerkenwell Kid), or better known as the lead mind behind, The Real Tuesday Weld, I dare to say, has no other comparison in the music world. The name comes from none other than old film actress Tuesday Weld, and the music is just as one of a kind lovely. Taking samples of early jazz music, infusing it with modern electronica beats, occasional folk sounds, and his slightly scratchy but wonderfully seductive voice, sounds very common, but the way he does it makes it stunningly unique. Take a listen to a few samples:

Over The Hillsides From "The End Of The World"

Days Of You And Me (Remix) From "Kindercore 50"

Anything But Love  From "The Return Of The Clerkenwell Kid"

     He simply has found his voice and nitche in the music world and as a remixer, his style isn't lost at all. This Beyonce remix of Crazy In Love, with the help of The Puppini Sisters, is completely his own unique "classic meets new style" that has yet to be replicated.
Crazy In Love (The Real Tuesday Weld & The Puppini Sisters Remix)

      I feel horrible taking these songs as small snippets of his very talented library of sounds. Why, you may ask? Stephen Coates is a firm believer in making a story arc for his albums. "I, Lucifer" tracks a romance story, an actual book soundtrack mind you, of Lucifer coming up to Earth and finding love. "Where Cupid Meets Psyche" and "The Return Of The Clerkenwell Kid" are both soundtracks to a love affair gone wry. Himself describing his music as having been an interpretation of "...jazz playing in the other room," something he grew up with his parents listening to, I wholeheartedly not only agree, but add it's like an entire love story set to jazz coming from the other room, and you're captivated to keep listening to find out what happens next. Not all of his songs are sample based however. The Real Tuesday Weld does have wonderful piano, guitar, clarinet, and many other instruments used at their disposal that can change the feel of the music from old jazz cover to modern folk song in almost an instant.

      Needless to say, with a vast majority of Stephen's work, love, loss, and overall sonic soundscaping of fun are recurring motifs in all of his work. I highly recommend checking out almost anything of The Real Tuesday Weld that you can.
I Love The Rain From "Where Cupid Meets Psyche"

-Minimal FoX


New album, another book soundtrack, The Last Werewolf, scheduled for release in July. Clip of a song available here:


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